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Barbara Polloni

Studio owner and Teacher

Barbara co-owns the studio with her husband Enrico. She has practiced Bikram Yoga for more than 7 years. Before becoming a full time Bikram teacher, she has worked as a nurse first in Italy and then in the United States, where she 

specialised as a Labor&Delivery Nurse. She was elected "Nurse of the Year" for 2 consecutive years by the physicians working in her department for her organisation skills, her caring and kind demeanour.

In the fall of 2014 she graduated from Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Phuket, Thailand. For her, Bikram Yoga is the best natural remedy and she dispenses it to her students from the podium every time she teaches.

Enrico Di Bernardo

Founder, Co-owner and Teacher

Enrico is the founder of Bikram Yoga People and co-owns the 2 studios with his wife Barbara. The life journey that has brought Enrico here is far from linear and expected. He graduated in Engineering from the University of Padua where he also got a PhD. Like many other "good brains" he landed in California, first doing research at the California Institute of Technology and then creating new businesses in the area of computer vision and robotics, collaborating with Bill Gross at Idealab in Pasadena, ending up joining Evolution Robotics, a robotics company developing navigation technologies, which was recently acquired by iRobot.

After attending a breakthrough seminar, call the Landmark Forum, Enrico started a process of "awakening" that led to starting the practice of Bikram Yoga. During the course of 4 years Enrico reinvented himself and what came out on the other side was a yoga teacher. He graduated from Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in the fall of 2012 and started teaching in Hermosa Beach, California before moving to Italy with his wife Barbara and their kids.

Bikram Yoga Padova opened in the fall of 2013 and 4 years later opened the second studio in Vicenza to become Bikram Yoga People.   

"What do I get from the practice of Bikram Yoga? Peace of mind, clarity, presence. The spinning wheels slow down and I can see clearly and take action without second guessing myself."

Enrico teaches with love and passion. Come and try one of his classes.

Elisabetta (Betty) Zandarin

Bikram Yoga Teacher

Betty is originally from Padova, she moved back to Italy in 2014 after living in london for 15 years where she discoverd Bikram yoga in 2008.

She didnt like it at first she remembers: 

" The heat was umberable and my body felt stiff and was aching everywhere, my only thought was they have to pay to go back!" She eventually went back and class after class she started to appreciate the benefits and slowly she fell in love with the practise.

Why does she started practising?


"After going through breast cancer I was left deeply depressed. I started practicing Bikram Yoga as a last resort to try to deal with it. Bikram Yoga gave me back my life. After quite a short time I was feeling better and happier. And in a few months I was completely out of the depression. It saved my mind, my body, my spirit and my whole life.


Also I was left with a lynfodema on my left arm, even if the doctors were against exposing lynfodema to the heat, I took a chance I kept practising as I believed and trusted Bikram Yoga would do no harm at all. I could notice that when I was practising my arm improved tremendously.


Bikram Yoga was and still is the answer to all my needs, giving me a more clear and focused mind and a strong and healthy body. Helping connect the two in perfect harmony.


Bikram Yoga is the key of my life. The more I practise the more I know myself.


I went for training in Spring 2013. I teach because I belive that Bikram Yoga can help anybody so I want to reach and touch as many people's lives as I can. Bikram Yoga works on so many levels physically, psychologically, biochemically just to name the obvious ones. It's so profound I don't think a life time of practice can explore the whole range of benefits. And I'd like for everybody to have that chance to try and transform their lives."

Liz Riding

Bikram Yoga Teacher

Liz moved to Padova from London in 2006, as the result of a conscious lifestyle change 

and career choice. Liz had been introduced to Bikram yoga in San Diego, USA, in 1998, 

by a dear friend, who knew exactly what she needed to combat the extreme demands of 

her fast London lifestyle and stressful fashion career. 

Bikram Yoga soon arrived in London, and Liz became hooked on the hugely positive 

physical, mental and emotional benefits she gained from her regular practice. As Bikram 

Yoga grew internationally, Liz was also able to practice during her frequent work trips to 

New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Paris, and even organize her vacations around 

Bikram locations in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, and Rome. 

For over a decade, Liz dreamed of teaching and sharing the amazing benefits of Bikram 

Yoga; over that time, the significant physical, medical, emotional, logistical and even 

financial obstacles which appeared to conspire against Liz's plans, have in fact all 

served as precious challenges, not only to reinforce the therapeutic benefits that she felt 

from Bikram Yoga, but also to prove Liz's risolve to realise her dream. 

One such obstacle was an accident in London in 2002, following which Liz narrowly 

escaped the amputation of her left arm. Fortunately, a leading UK orthopedic surgeon 

reluctantly accepted the challenge of 

putting Liz's shoulder and arm back together. The prognosis was not good: Liz's arm 

would at worst be paralysed, at best she would have 30% use. Contrary to all 

expectations, Liz slowly regained over 90% use of her arm, thanks not only to the 

amazing surgeon who gave her a second chance, but also thanks to a slow, determined 

and painstaking recovery with Bikram yoga. Liz now relies on Bikram yoga to keep her 

arm strong and healthy. 

Liz also relies on Bikram yoga as a therapy by which to combat the painful and 

debilitating effects of a fractured, displaced coccyx, scoliosis, arthritis, and severe post 

operative internal scar tissue. 

Last but not least, Liz realized that through continued and regular practice, she is also 

able to eliminate her chronic migraines, water retention, and bad lifestyle habits. 

Liz graduated as a Bikram Yoga Teacher in Fall 2014, and is dedicated to sharing her 

experience as yogi and teacher, in the hope of helping others in the same way that 

Bikram yoga continues, every day, to help her. 

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