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About Bikram Yoga.

Yoga is an ancient discipline that explores, develops, and integrates the body, mind and spirit. Bikram style Hatha Yoga, ideal for the beginner as well as the seasoned practitioner, is a demanding, dynamic, and exhilarating routine of 26 strengthening and toning postures (asanas) practiced in the detoxifying calm of a heated studio. This allows you to work deep into muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and organs of every cell of the body, to change from the inside out.

Bikram Yoga is a process that can reduce the symptoms of many injuries and chronic diseases, as well as being an excellent preventative activity. In time, you learn to focus your mind and control your breath, leading you to work harder, deeper, and yet calmer.

You will come to realize the true meaning of Hatha Yoga – Ha (sun) – Tha (moon) – Yoga (union) – a union of the body, mind, and spirit. As a result, you gain confidence and assuredness as you take your body to places you never thought possible. Bikram Yoga increases flexibility, improves circulation, and reduces stress, to provide an infinite number of benefits. The more you put into your class, the more you will get out of it.

It’s a wonderful journey. Be patient with yourself and enjoy.

Top 10 Bikram Yoga Benefits

  • Increased vitality

  • Weight loss/Body shaping

  • Detoxify your body

  • Increase your mental clarity

  • Reduce stress

  • Tone and strengthen your muscles

  • Reduce risk of injury when practicing other sports

  • Increase the power of your body to heal itself

  • Expand your lung capacity and strengthen your heart

  • Pain relief

Can I come and try a class for free?

No. We don't offer a trial class. In our experience one class is not sufficient to start experiencing the benefits of the practice in your body and in your mind. This is why we created the Intro Month for new students. For a very convenient rate of 50 Euro you will have unlimited access to our studio for 30 days. During this time you will be encouraged to practice as much as possible, even every day. Once the Intro Month is over you will be able to chose to become a member or not. 

Can I take class both in Padova and Vicenza?

Absolutely! Your membership gives you access to both studios. Check the schedule for the studio you want to take class in and go take class wherever it's more convenient for you on that day.

I purchased a coupon from Groupon...

From time to time we offer packages on Groupon for new students. If you have purchased a classes coupon from Groupon, read the following:


  • you can pick any of the classes in our weekly schedule. Please arrive 20 minutes before class to give yourself the time to fill out the sign-in form.  

  • if you purchased a coupon for two people, keep in mind that you don't have to come to class together. 

  • reservations are not required. However, if you want to book your class you can do so by following the "Book" tab on this web site and follow the instructions on how to create an account and book a class.

Getting ready for the first class

If this is your first class, pick the class from the schedule that works for you (they are all good to start) and make sure to arrive 20-30 minutes before class starts. This will give us room to have you fill out the registration form and have a conversation with the teacher to talk about your goals and address any concerns you may have. Online registration is optional. Come to class hydrated and ready to sweat. We recommend only light snacks to eat during the 3 hours before class. This is what you need to bring with you:

  • If you have a mat, please bring it to class. If not, we will lend you one for the first class. We do sell and rent yoga mats suitable for this style of yoga.  

  • Water to drink. If you forget, we do provide water at the stuio.

  • a large towel to place on top of the mat in the yoga room.

  • In the hot room you should aim to dress as light as possible. We recommend that men wear shorts or a bathing suit and women wear an exercise top with a pair of shorts, or a swimsuit. A sports bra with a pair of stretchy shorts works well. A close-fitting tank top will also work if you don't want to expose your belly. Material should be thin and breathable. Many exercise-specific clothes are made with synthetic, sweat-wicking material that may be more comfortable.

  • Your shower kit. You will come out of class soaked in sweat and you will want to take a nice relaxing shower.

  • Flip flops or slippers to move around in the studio. In the yoga room you will enter bare feet.

How many times per week should I come to practice?

One day, a student asked Bikram if it was enough to come to practice 3 times a week. "Absolutely", Bikram answered. He then added "But you also have to eat 3 times a week and sleep 3 times a week". The student testily responded back: "But I have a job and a family to attend to. I have too busy of a life to come here and practice every day". "Change life", concluded Bikram.

You can get maximum benefit from this practise when it becomes part of your biological 24 hour cycle. Find a way to practice every day: you will be amazed by who you become. 

Is it recommended to practice during summer time?

We recommend practicing during the hot season for the following reasons:

  • Temperature and humidity in the room are the same throughout the year. They are the optimal conditions for practice and you can count on them;

  • when it's hot outside you get to class with an already warm and more flexible body, and therefore you will be able to go deeper into the postures. During the summer period you will be able to cause the biggest changes in your body, opening joints, stretching muscles and tendons, and aligning the spine.

  • by practicing and learning to breathe in the hot room you condition your body so that it becomes more immune to the effect of high temperature and humidity typical of summer time.

  • during summer time it becomes particularly important to be comfortable with exposing your body. The work you do in the hot room prepares you for that: you learn to love and appreciate your self and your body, you detox and purify your skin, you sculpt your whole body and tone your muscles, you improve your posture and learn to walk with your head up.

For all these reasons we invite you to keep a regimen of at least 2 classes per week during summer time. 

What happens in the yoga room?

In the hot room to learn to ride on the group energy. By doing so you can get to places that would have not been achievable on your own. When you are present, your body moves in sync with everyone else and with the teacher's instructions as if you were in a dance with them, not a second before, not a second after. For 90 minutes you keep your eye gaze focused on your own body in the mirror and you let the teacher's instructions move your body, and you don't allow your mind to get in between, as if you had a direct path in your brain from the auditory cortex to the motor cortex. When you are fully present, time disappears, the mind goes on vacation. 

Make sure you arrive in the hot room a few minutes prior start of class, so you have all the time to place down you mat and get ready for class. 

What is the Karma Yoga arrangement?

Karma Yoga is the path of service and at BYP we offer our students the opportunity to serve our community.

This program lasts 2 months and can be further renewed. During this time, the participants make themselves available a minimum of twice a week after class to tidy up the hot room and the locker rooms. 

Over the course of these 2 months, the student is allowed to practice Bikram Yoga as much as he/she wants.

Only students that have already completed the intro period can participate in the program, and admission is subject to the discretion of BYP. If you are interested in the program, please talk to the teacher after class.   

What does the word Bikram mean?

Bikram Yoga is named after the first name of his creator, Bikram Choudhury.

Yogiraj Bikram Choudhury was born in Calcutta in 1946. He started practicing yoga at age 4 under the guidance of his life guru Bishnu Gosh, youngest brother of Paramansa Yogananda (the author of the best seller "Autobiography of a Yogi").  

Gosh is 

Gosh, famoso culturista, è stato il primo a determinare scientificamente la capacità di curare dolori cronici e guarire il corpo con lo Yoga. A 13 anni Bikram vince il Campionato Nazionale di Yoga e mantiene il titolo per i successivi tre anni. A 17 anni un incidente durante un sollevamento di pesi compromette gravemente il suo ginocchio. Non accettando la diagnosi dei medici di rassegnarsi ad un’invalidità permanente, Bikram decide di ritornare sotto le cure di Bishnu Gosh: dopo sei mesi il suo ginocchio è completamente guarito.

Per onorare la volontà del suo maestro, Bikram lavora con medici occidentali e scienziati dell’Università di Tokio per perfezionare la sua sequenza dimostrando il potere dello yoga di rigenerare i tessuti e guarire malattie croniche. Bikram condivide ed insegna il suo metodo a livello mondiale da oltre 35 anni.

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